Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety is non-negotiable at Much Asphalt
  • There is commitment to the vision in terms of Health and Safety of “Together to Zero Harm” from senior management throughout the workforce
  • The OHSAS 18001:2007 certification has set out, minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice, which is at the root of positive change seen on all Much Asphalt sites.
  • The maintaining of regular, transparent and effective communication with all our employees, other stake holders and communities affected by our operations
  • We are striving to establish an Interdependent Health and Safety Culture where “I do it so none of us gets hurt” attitude is entrenched in our operations.
  • Continually improve health and safety performance through taking accountability and responsibility in pursuit of meeting targets and objectives


  • The use of recycled asphalt in most mixes – from static and mobile plants – with up to 40% now becoming commonplace.
  • Conversion of the power source for its flagship plant in Benoni from heavy fuel oil to natural gas.
  • The inclusion of an additive to the heavy fuel oil to reduce sulphur content at all plants.
  • Comprehensive storm water plans at several plants including storm water collection.
  • The replacing of all wet scrubber technology with a fully equipped baghouse filter system to ensure a minimum air emission effect.
  • Every site has a waste management plan and different waste streams are separated in order to maximize recycling.
  • All hazardous substances are handled and treated carefully and stored within bundwalls to ensure no contamination can spread to various areas.
  • Water conservations plans are in the process of being compiled to ensure that water is saved and recycled and clean drinkable water is not used for dust suppression and other plant requirements.
  • A number of sites stores crusher dust in a constructed shed to limit air pollution with regards to finer aggregates becoming airborne.
  • A number of sites are paving all gravel road areas to limit any dust emission coming from trucks driving on gravel roads.
  • An Environmental Policy as well as an Environmental Management System was rolled out in October 2013 and is being implemented country wide at all plants.


Much Asphalt obtained its first ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification in 1986 and all our static plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified.