About Us

AECI Much Asphalt is wholly owned by AECI, a South African-based company providing products and services to customers in the mining, water treatment, plant and animal health, food and beverage, infrastructure and general industrial sectors. AECI has regional and international businesses in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, North America and Australia.

AECI Much Asphalt maintains its own brand, strategy and commitment to customers in South Africa and Namibia and continues to build on the experience accumulated and relationships forged since its formation in 1965.

AECI Much Asphalt owns and operates 14 static plants in the major centres of South Africa and is the majority shareholder in East Coast Asphalt, which operates two plants in East London and Mthatha.

Remote projects are supplied from mobile plants, enabling us to provide comprehensive coverage from coast to coast and into neighbouring countries.

Industry Sectors

AECI SprayPave, a South African manufacturer of bitumen, modified binders and emulsions for road construction, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AECI Much Asphalt.

AECI SprayPave owns unique technology that enables manipulation of the penetration grades of bitumen required to produce asphalt. This technology ensures that AECI Much Asphalt can produce and supply any asphalt product required irrespective of bitumen shortages

About AECI Much Asphalt and AECI Spraypave