We offer a wide variety of generic asphalt solutions:

  • Pavement mixes
  • Sidewalk mixes
  • Tank base mixes
  • Driveway mixes
  • Sand mixes
  • Wearing courses
  • Coarse (hot/cold)
  • Medium (hot/cold)
  • Fine (hot/cold)
  • Porous asphalt
  • 37,5mm LAMB’s (Large aggregate mix for bases)
  • 26mm BTB (Bitumen treated base course)
  • Levelling course
  • Wearing course
  • Typical sidewalk mix.

For a more specialized solution, we also offer a number of additional Asphalt Solutions:

  • Bitumen rubber asphalt
  • Loadas (proprietary)
  • Stone mastic asphalt (proprietary)
  • NovaChip (proprietary)
  • Hot mix micro surfacing
  • Micropave™
  • SMArt™
  • Durasphalt
  • Much Mix
  • Salviacim
  • Polymer modified asphalts
  • “Whisper asphalt” (porous open graded)
  • Rubber modified asphalts
  • EVA modified asphalts
  • SBS modified asphalts.

New product development

With ever increasing volumes of traffic, in particular heavy vehicles, the global road building industry has recognised the need for specialised asphalt mixes that perform well without premature rutting or cracking under extreme loading.

This has led to the development of GB5, an alternative to High Modulus asphalt or (as it will be referred to in future) “EME”- Enrobé à Module Elevé, a mix designed to be stiff by using very hard, 10/20 penetration grade bitumen. This helps to reduce pavement thickness, increase longevity and decrease rutting.

The GB5 alternative uses an SBS modified bitumen to obtain the same high stiffness modulus, at the same time retaining good fatigue properties.

GB5 was developed by French company Eiffage Travaux Publics, from whom Much Asphalt acquired the rights to manufacture the product under licence in KwaZulu-Natal.

Much Asphalt has partnered with the eThekwini Municipality’s Road Provision Department to undertake GB5 trials and a successful short section on Brighton Road on The Bluff in Durban was followed by a larger rehabilitation project on Solomon Mahlangu Drive, a major Durban arterial, in 2014.

Experience gained from these trials shows GB5 to be a high modulus base mix that can be used to advantage in situations where the pavement carries high axle loadings such as busy freeways, streets and bus routes.

New product development

Warm mix asphalt (WMA) is a technology that saves energy and improves conditions for workers. WMA allows the asphalt manufacturer to reduce the temperature at which the material is mixed and placed on the road through the use of either chemical additives or foam technology.

Much Asphalt was the first South African company to produce WMA using foam technology in 2008 and successfully performed a number of WMA trials on eThekwini Municipality projects. A WMA working group that consisted of client bodies, asphalt suppliers and consulting engineers was key in the development of the SABITA WMA guideline.

New product development

Much Asphalt has partnered with Eco Asphalt in Durban to provide a mobile product heating solution for small road repairs in remote areas. Eco Asphalt has developed a hot box trailer that can be attached to a smallish truck or utility vehicle and heats the cold mix – supplied by Much Asphalt in bags – on site where it is needed for optimum results.

This solution will be ideal for SMMEs in the road rehabilitation business and, with the correct training on asphalt placement, will make small road repairs quick and easy.


_MG_9744 (Copy)

Much Asphalt’s Central Laboratory (Cenlab) in Eerste River, Cape Town, became the first South African commercial asphalt supplier to receive ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) in August 2006.

The Cenlab facility has the expertise and equipment to develop new products, control test products, calibrate plant and offer testing services to clients. Cenlab is also equipped to do the complete spectrum of tests on the penetration grade and modified bitumen types.

All Much Asphalt plants have their own dedicated asphalt process control laboratories and the mobile plants arrive on site complete with fully functional mobile laboratories. These laboratories assure the quality of all products leaving the plants and form part of Much Asphalt’s commitment to its ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.

Customers are welcome to make use of Much Asphalt’s laboratory services.